Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome 2009. One of my resolutions is to stay more connected with my family and friends. After reading and enjoying my nieces' blogs, I decided it might be a nice way to keep you updated on the Motzel clan happenings. As you can tell by our blog title, our lives pretty much revolve around Kaelyn and Natalie's sports.

Kaelyn is playing on an Allstar soccer team (En Fuego) and they have their first tournament this weekend. Her first game is actually tomorrow. She is one of their goalies so it is a bit nerve racking (for me anyway). Hopefully her defenders will help her out and she won't have to make too many spectacular saves. She is used to the pressure since she has been a pitcher for the last four years in softball.

Natalie is finished with her soccer season, but enjoys cheering on her sister. It also helps that her best friend will be there as her older sister plays on the team as well.

Softball tryouts will be taking place next weekend for both girls so the craziness will begin once again with two sports going on at the same time.

We just received a call from Grandma wondering how soon we are coming over for their New Year festivities. My girls hear homemade vegetable soup and they are all for getting ready quickly.

I will work more on this later to figure out how to add pictures and stuff. Thanks for the support from my nieces.